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Rockwell Automation is the leader in industrial automation. It's estimated that the majority of North American manufacturers use Rockwell Automation products. These solutions allow companies to work smarter, harder and faster. As the go-to Rockwell integrator in our region, South Shore Controls has a deep understanding of Rockwell's offerings and of the difference system integration can make in your business.

Rockwell Automation is the North American leader for system controls, software and hardware. South Shore Controls has a deep understanding of not only the new product platforms and products but also the legacy platforms and products. When it comes to installing new, upgrading and or repairing existing, one can have the confidence in South Shore Controls to handle the job.

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Systems Integration

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On-Site Services

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Contract Manufacturing

Types of Rockwell Automation Products

Rockwell Automation offers software and hardware solutions to meet manufacturers' control, process, power and industrial IT needs. Whatever your process or control challenges, Rockwell has a product that will overcome your barriers.

allen bradly hardware

Allen-Bradley Hardware

Allen-Bradley is Rockwell Automation's brand name for its factory automation products. These include ControlLogix and CompactLogix programmable logic controllers and Stratix managed switches. In general terms, ControlLogix is suitable for larger applications, while CompactLogix is for smaller systems. As a leader among Allen-Bradley systems integrators, we can help you identify the best Allen-Bradley automation products for your operation.

rockwell software

Rockwell Software

Rockwell Automation's software solutions include FactoryTalk View Studio, which helps manufacturers optimize operational efficiencies. Components, such as DesignSuite, OperationSuite, MaintenanceSuite and InnovationSuite, span the entire manufacturing process.

custom control panels

Custom Control Panels

We are a Rockwell Systems integrator that offers the full scope of custom control panels, ranging from low to high customization. Full customization can include PLCs, starters, servo drives and more for applications like material handling and other industrial processes.

Rockwell Automation System Optimization and Support

South Shore Controls has a wealth of experience with industrial automation controls. We use our expertise as a Rockwell systems integrator to deliver the right solution for your manufacturing challenges. We're committed to designing and building the best system integration for your budget and requirements.

We'll work closely with your team to overcome your challenges with the least possible investment in time and money. Your operational needs will guide the entire process.

Besides developing best-in-class solutions, we provide long-term support, ensuring you get the most out of your industrial automation optimization. You can rely on South Shore Controls as your Rockwell system integration partner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rockwell Automation Systems

A Rockwell systems integrator is your resource for the end-to-end automation solution that your operation demands. An integrator can specify the necessary products and design a system tuned to your needs.

It’s almost always a good idea to upgrade older PLC. By updating from SLC and PLC-5, you can take advantage of all of the significant innovations that Rockwell Automation has implemented. As a Rockwell Automation systems integrator, we can help you get the full benefit of an upgrade.

Custom automation allows you to put the latest innovations to their best use. Depending on your needs, a custom solution can help manage staffing, improve safety, increase quality control and boost efficiency. Designing automation based on your specific circumstances ensures the system will meet your needs.

Rockwell Product Compatibility and Migration

As a preferred Rockwell Automation system integrator, South Shore Controls has a deep understanding of Rockwell Automation's offerings. We can evaluate your Rockwell Automation product compatibility and design a migration plan that meets your requirements.

Rockwell Automation Upgrades

We can assess where you're at in your product lifecycle and decide if modernization will best meet your needs. We'll use our skills as a Rockwell systems integrator to carefully map out the migration from your existing Rockwell Automation system to your new set-up to ensure you get the full benefit of your upgrade. We'll help you achieve the best possible asset utilization and system performance.

Backed by our years as an automation system integrator, we can help you update your legacy system and gain greater flexibility to meet the needs of modern manufacturing at a pace that makes sense for your business. We work with your team to deliver results that will make a difference in your operation.

About South Shore Controls Automation Integrators

As an experienced Rockwell Automation systems integrator, South Shore Controls has the expertise and knowledge to help you leverage existing systems and incorporate cutting-edge technology to meet your specific needs. Headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, we proudly serve manufacturers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan. Whether you need a simple machine upgrade or a complete system overhaul, we have the right solution for your operation.

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