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Expert Troubleshooting: The engineering team excels in troubleshooting, swiftly identifying and resolving issues within automation systems. Their meticulous approach ensures that even complex challenges are met with precise and effective solutions, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Seamless Integration Solutions: South Shore Controls brings a wealth of experience in seamless integration. Their engineering team adeptly blends new technologies with existing systems, creating a cohesive and efficient automation ecosystem. This integration capability allows manufacturers to optimize processes without undergoing a complete infrastructure overhaul.

PLC and HMI Programming Proficiency: The team is well-versed in PLC and HMI programming, providing tailored solutions to meet specific manufacturing requirements. Whether it’s programming for Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, Trio, or other platforms, South Shore Controls’ engineers bring a depth of knowledge that spans across various PLC systems, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

Customized Software Development: In the realm of software development, South Shore Controls stands out. Their engineers leverage their expertise to craft customized software solutions that enhance automation processes. This includes developing applications that streamline control, monitoring, and data analysis, providing manufacturers with powerful tools for enhanced decision-making.

Versatility Across PLC Platforms: South Shore Controls’ technicians exhibit versatility across a range of PLC platforms, including but not limited to Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, and Trio. This comprehensive understanding allows them to navigate seamlessly through different systems, ensuring that manufacturers can leverage the benefits of automation regardless of their existing infrastructure.

Flexible Service Options: South Shore Controls offers flexibility in service options, providing both Time & Material services for ad-hoc support as well as Service Contracts for ongoing maintenance and proactive assistance. This adaptability ensures that manufacturers can choose the service model that best suits their needs and operational preferences.

South Shore Controls Provides On-Site Services for Factory Automation

As an automation systems integrator and specialty equipment manufacturer we understand the importance of after-sales support, equipment maintenance, integrating existing valuable manufacturing equipment with newer technologies to improve your manufacturing processes.

Our highly-skilled team of automation field service technicians have all the tools needed to support your manufacturing needs to improve your processes and minimize downtime.

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South Shore Controls delivers value by being a comprehensive and flexible partner for manufacturers in need of automation controls support. The skilled controls engineering team offers not just technical expertise but a commitment to tailored solutions, rapid troubleshooting, and an expansive knowledge base. This, coupled with flexible service options, positions South Shore Controls as a trusted ally, empowering manufacturers to navigate the complexities of automation with confidence and efficiency.

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