Custom Enclosure Fabrication

South Shore Controls: Elevating Reliability with Custom Stainless-Steel Electrical Enclosures

South Shore Controls not only excels in electrical design, software development, controls implementation, and wiring but also utilizes their stainless-steel manufacturing capabilities for custom electrical enclosures.

In addition to their expertise in electrical components, South Shore Controls specializes in crafting custom electrical enclosures using durable stainless steel. This unique capability allows them to customize the physical housing of electrical systems according to project specifications.

Whether designing enclosures to withstand challenging environments or meeting specific aesthetic requirements, South Shore Controls ensures that their custom fabrication aligns seamlessly with overall project goals. The stainless-steel manufacturing adds an extra layer of reliability and robustness to the electrical enclosures they provide.

South Shore Controls stands out for both virtual mastery in electrical design and software and tangible expertise in custom fabrication, ensuring the enclosures match the resilience and precision of the technology within them.


South Shore Controls: Your Trusted Partner for Precision Fusion in Custom Control Panel Fabrication and Build

Trusting South Shore Controls for custom control panels is a valuable decision that seamlessly marries their advanced fabrication and panel build capabilities. With a proven track record of expertise in both realms, South Shore Controls ensures a harmonious integration of precision in fabrication with the intricacies of panel construction. This synergy not only guarantees the creation of tailored control panels that meet specific project requirements but also adds an extra layer of reliability, highlighting the immense value of choosing South Shore Controls for comprehensive and seamlessly integrated solutions.

Our highly-trained team of experts has all the tools needed to perform your automation system integration:

  • Complete design, fabrication, electrical, mechanical and software integration capabilities in-house
  • Project Review & Recommendations
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Complete Turnkey Manufacturing Services
  • Control System Integration
  • Software Development
  • On-Site Installation Services
  • Field Service & Support

Get The Automation Integration You Need

Companies throughout Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio trust South Shore Controls’ industry-leading automation system integrations. Contact us today to see what we can do for your operation.

Automation System Integrations You Can Trust

Leverage our wealth of experience to ensure your automation systems integration not only meets but exceeds your needs, featuring meticulously crafted code and software tailored to your specifications. At South Shore Controls, our integrated approach simplifies the process for you while delivering the exceptional quality and return on investment you seek, with a distinct emphasis on our advanced electrical design capabilities.

Experience cost reduction, heightened productivity, streamlined workflow efficiencies, and improved product quality through our automation system integrations. Gain enhanced flexibility to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, all while entrusting every facet of your project to us, from initial design to installation and training. Connect with us to delve into the advantages of our specialized electrical design expertise.

Automation System Integration Capabilities Include These Areas of Expertise:

  • Control Panels
  • Batch Process Controls
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming
  • Drive Systems
  • Control System Retrofits
  • Specialized Machinery
  • Pick & Place Robotic Systems
  • Conveying/Material Handling
  • AC and DC Drives & Motion Control Upgrades
  • Position & Presence Monitoring
  • Temperature Sensing and Control Systems
  • Complete electrical and automation controls solution

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