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For nearly 30 years, South Shore Controls has offered a full range of process automation and control services to help businesses improve output, reduce costs and keep employees safe. Our customers trust us to be their source for design, installation, service and repair of automation and control systems in their plants. Our experienced team of professionals has provided solutions for a wide range of industries. Discover how South Shore Controls and automation can help in your industry.

Aerospace and Defense

Automation and controls in the aerospace and defense industries provide efficient workflows and maintain impeccable safety standards. Improve quality control, boost output and streamline costs by simply integrating our automation and controls.

Agricultural Equipment

The agricultural industry has seen increased productivity and higher quality levels since automation was introduced. A reliable and secure agricultural process is fundamental to our country’s economy.


South Shore’s industrial controls help create automation and controls that benefit the automotive industry in several ways. Automation allows car manufacturers to lower production costs, eliminate inefficiencies and open up new monetization opportunities.

Building Materials and Construction

Automation allows the building materials industry to employ more sustainable practices compared to steel, concrete and plastics. These automation services allow the industry to take a more streamlined approach to developing building materials.


Casting automation equipment can replicate common tasks including mold pouring, casting finishing and even inspection. Automation helps increase output by removing humans from hazardous roles, reducing injuries and errors.

Chemical/Oil Refinery Processing

The refinery industry has seen tremendous gains from automation, including quality assurance when dealing with materials and handling. It allows businesses to maintain better control of their capital and precisely manage their inventory.

Consumer Products

Streamline your consumer product manufacturing with our automated setups. Companies are increasing their competitiveness and market stability by integrating automation into their everyday operations.

Food And Beverage Processing

The precision of machines is an ideal way to maintain food standards and quality that humans are not capable of, using large-scale production methods. The growth in automation protects workers and improves product safety for customers.


Throughout the country, hospitals are leaning into automated aspects of their operation to increase productivity while lowering costs. This efficiency is vital to pricing services accurately and forecasting any possible financial or health issues.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Industrial automation controls prove their worth throughout the pharmaceutical industry. They allow companies to achieve safety standards and compliance not possible decades ago, while lowering costs and maintaining quality.

Power Generation and Transmission

Automated industrial controls are used throughout many sectors of the energy industry including oil & gas, renewable energy and nuclear power. Companies incorporating automation experience lower operating costs and increased monitoring and safety.

Primary Metals

Profitability in producing metals relies on a few important factors, process efficiency, and safety operations. Maintaining a safe working environment with high output can be achieved through automation at almost every step of the process.

Rubber and Plastics

Industrial automation in the rubber and plastic industries has become commonplace throughout the world. Each step of the production process now involves automation, ensuring high volumes of products while maintaining precise requirements.

Water Treatment

Automation allows the wastewater industry to minimize lifecycle costs through field devices and motor/pump control. Removing the human element increases the reliability and strict standards set for water treatment facilities.

Contract Manufacturing

Looking to utilize contract manufacturing services to improve your business operations? Let South Shore Controls show you how our expert teams can help you.

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