Laser Cutting

TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 Fiber Optic 6kW w/ Pallet Changer

MAX Material Thickness

  • Stainless Steel: 1.0″
  • Carbon Steel: 1.0″
  • Aluminum: 1.0″

Sheet Max

  • 60″ X 120″

Why Laser Cutting is Valuable

Precision Cutting: Sheet laser cutting offers high precision, allowing for intricate and accurate cuts in various materials.

Versatility: It is versatile and suitable for a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, providing flexibility in manufacturing different components.

Efficiency: Laser cutting is known for its speed and efficiency, enabling quick turnaround times for contract manufacturing projects.

Complex Designs: The technology can handle complex and detailed designs with ease, meeting the demands of intricate product specifications.

Minimal Material Waste: Laser cutting minimizes material waste, contributing to cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability in the manufacturing process.

Reduced Tooling Costs: Unlike traditional methods, sheet laser cutting eliminates the need for extensive tooling, reducing associated costs for tool maintenance and replacements.

Scalability: It is easily scalable for both small and large production runs, making it suitable for contract manufacturing with varying project sizes.

Clean and Precise Edges: Laser cutting produces clean, smooth edges without the need for additional finishing processes, saving time and resources.

Quality Control: The precision and accuracy of laser cutting contribute to consistent product quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Innovation Potential: Laser cutting technology allows for innovative and intricate designs, providing opportunities for unique and advanced product development in contract manufacturing projects.

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Automation System Integrations You Can Trust

Our years of experience mean you get the automation systems integration that meets your needs, complete with custom-developed code and software. South Shore Controls employs an integrated approach that simplifies the process for you yet delivers the high quality and return on investment that you require.

Our automation system integrations help you lower costs, boost productivity, enhance workflow efficiencies and improve product quality. We can help you gain greater flexibility to meet the needs of modern manufacturing. From design to installation and training, we handle every facet of your project. Contact us to learn more.

Automation System Integration Capabilities Include These Areas of Expertise:

  • Control Panels
  • Batch Process Controls
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming
  • Drive Systems
  • Control System Retrofits
  • Specialized Machinery
  • Pick & Place Robotic Systems
  • Conveying/Material Handling
  • AC and DC Drives & Motion Control Upgrades
  • Position & Presence Monitoring
  • Temperature Sensing and Control Systems
  • Available in 3 models: SM, MD, LG
  • Axis options: X, X & Z, X & Z with control

Frequently Asked Questions

What is system integration?

System integration is the process of introducing automated systems to help improve the functionality of your overall operation. Examples of automation system integrations include adding robotic pick and place systems or implementing position and presence monitoring.

What is the system integrator’s role in automation?

At South Shore Controls, the industrial automation systems integrator’s role is to provide a one-stop-shopping approach to your project, delivering the design, manufacturing and installation of your automation system integration.

What are system integration challenges?

Challenges to a successful automation system integration include:

  • Sourcing the right components
  • Developing the correct technology interfaces
  • Creating control and field instrumentation documentation
  • Planning for future expansion
What is a legacy system integration?

In a legacy system integration, South Shore Controls incorporates new, modern systems to upgrade or replace equipment that is obsolete or near the end of its lifecycle.

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