South Shore Controls provides an excellent system for the sizing of ridged polymer profiles. Our machine fits many applications such as door panels, window frames and fencing panels.

Lateral, longitudinal, and vertical movement allows for optimal positioning of the table with the extrusion line.

Controllable by either vacuum (dry sizing) or vacuum combined with cooling water (wet sizing) is incorporated as standard operating parameters

What separates the South Shore table:

  • 100% stainless construction, rails, tanks the entire machine. A ridged built machine that will provide many years of uninterrupted service
  • Unique water manifold system whereby the water manifold is integrated into the frame, so no external tanks
  • Table has 4- axis of movement for precise alignment with tooling and the extrusion line
  • Flow and pressure transmitter on all the water lines for precise water flow calibration
  • All the motors are on drives, controls are ethernet based for easy integration to plant networks
  • Machines are extremely flexible and customizable
Vacuum calibration table
Vacuum calibration table lifting mechanism.
Table Lifting Mechanism
Vacuum calibration table detail view.
Water Manifold System

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