Industrial Automation Services

South Shore Controls is a Full-Service Industrial Automation Provider

We utilize the expertise of our experienced staff and incorporate mechanics, electronics and software to create intelligent and useable solutions for industrial automation challenges.

South Shore’s experienced team is considered the ‘go to’ Company when there is a difficult application requiring an effective industrial upgrade solution.

So, if you are looking to:

  • Increase labor productivity
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Mitigate effects of labor shortages
  • Reduce or eliminate routine manual tasks
  • Improve worker and plant floor safety
  • Improve product quality
  • Need to introduce a new product
  • Enhance workflow efficiencies
  • Desire accuracy and consistency in a process

Typical Projects

  • Robotic / Pick & Place Cells
  • Parts Feeding and Orientating Systems
  • Palletizing, Stacking, Packing & Tray Handling Systems
  • Chemical Batching Systems
  • Washing & Drying Systems
  • Vision Inspection Systems

Automated cement mixing equipment manufactured by South Shore Controls.

Automated cement color mixing stations for quick accurate monitoring of water / pigment ratios. South Shore Controls designs, builds and manufacturers equipment to meet this challenge. Customer was looking for quality, accuracy and ease of operation. South Shore met all these requirements.

Dip tank automated process built by South Shore Controls.

Major aerospace turbine blade manufacturer was manually dipping molds into wax tanks. South Shore developed a dip tank system, whereby the trays would automatically sequence and dip automatically into the various tanks.

Material handling robot used in piston manufacturing automated process.

Major piston manufacturer was looking to increase productivity and maintain consistency of load and unloading of a wash system. South Shore Controls developed a collaborative robotic system for loading and unloading the washer system.

Rubber seal automated equipment.

Rubber seal manufacturer had a completely manual system for laying down and cutting gasket material. South Shore developed an automated system to automatically layout and cut the material into specified lengths.

Industrial automation - robot specification, installation and programming.

Typical South Shore Controls robot application solution. Replaced manual loading and placing of finished parts from a conveyor and placing them into a shipping container. South Shore handled the entire job from robot specification, programing, install and training.

We are robot neutral and will recommend and or utilize a customers preferred source.

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