An old technology buldge press with manual valves and dated electronics with no CNC control was in need of an upgrade. New was considered, although due to the unique requirements, a rebuild to exact specifications was decided as the best path. Excessive setup time, lack of or inability to input part recipes due to manual valving and no CNC control created production challenges.

South Shore Controls was contracted to completely strip the machine of all the hydraulics and electrical systems and replace with new updated technology. Design, configure and develop a new control for operation of specific outputs.

  • Setup time was reduced from hours to minutes
  • Productivity was increased 50%
  • Finished part dimensional consistency and repeatability
  • Improved Worker Safety

The custom designed press was basically a ‘new’ machine with customer integrated custom features controlling all critical outputs.

The world’s premiere high performance clamping and coupling manufacturer was able to increase productivity, decrease part rejections to near zero and improve worker safety

Voss Industries incorporated

Our productivity has increased tenfold, rejection rates have decreased to near zero, Thanks again!

Cleveland, Ohio

Voss has success in the aerospace market due to their innovative product development and problem solving – solving capabilities in the high-performance clamping, coupling components and fabricated assemblies

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