Dynamic Twin-Axis Cartesian Robot

Finally, an out of the box pick and place system complete with drives, controls, and robot all in one complete, programmed package ready to install.

  • Compact and extremely narrow design. The thin profile pick and place system is excellent for many applications; 1) sorting 2) placing 3) picking 4) capping
  • Motion in/out, up / down and 360-degree rotation
  • Precise position repeatability due to sturdy ridged extruded aluminum design
  • Built in incremental encoder provides constant and instantaneous feedback
  • Fastest production rates due to highest acceleration and deacceleration speeds due to the linear motor drive system
  • 120V AC plug in only power required
  • Control, easy to program with easy to use teach mode
  • Dependable, no moving parts, sealed for life bearing only piece that moves. Unlike air drives, belt drives and ball screw systems with multiple moving parts
  • Designed for moving payloads where extreme accuracy and speed are required

Single Axis or a Complete Preprogramed Package is Available along with Installation and Training

For full technical data and specifications, download the brochure by clicking this link or the image to the right.
Thumbnail image linking to DynaPlace twin-axis cartesian robot brochure [pdf]
DynaPlace twin-axis cartesian pick and place robot

Standard Features

  • Standard End Arm Tooling Mounting
  • Linear Motor Drives
  • Lube-For-Life Bearings
  • MagSpring Magnetic Counterweight
  • Adjustable Base Height
  • Available in 3 models: SM, MD, LG
  • Axis options: X,  X & Z, X & Z with control

Control Package Features

  • EtherCAT Communication Protocol
  • 16 DC Inputs, 16 DC Outputs
  • 8 Analog Outputs
  • Teach Mode
  • Up to 100 Recipe Storage
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) Motor Drives Safety Circuit Included
  • 120V Power Supply

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