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South Shore Controls – Where We Started and Who We Are:

South Shore Controls began in 1995 by two men who had a dream and a solution to an industry problem. Company production lines often require upgrades, modifications and if too old and antiquated a replacement line must be designed and built.

The challenge for customers, finding one Company who cannot only design and engineer the project software, electrically and mechanically but also complete the install and startup. Basically, the customer need only write one purchase order and have the supplier take total responsibility for the project.

Customers responded positively and South Shore grew exponentially by merely ‘word of mouth’ from humble beginnings in a garage in Euclid, Ohio. The original founding partners realized their expertise was in the design and engineering of the upgrades and new lines. The manufacturing side of the business and financial side they realized as they grew, they were falling short.

They needed help to support their growth. Capital and a team with manufacturing expertise was their greatest need, if they were going to take the business to the next level.

The founders sought the help of outside partners to take the company to the next level. A team of men who had experience in the development and expansion of companies was found. The team included three partners 1) Marketing and Sales Executive who had many years of experience in the Private Equity sector 2) Engineering and Manufacturing Executive who built a Company from a garage into a 40 million dollar precision metal fabricator 3) Money Manager who had many years of Executive level financial experience and access to capital markets. So, in 2017 the company was sold to the three men who had formed an acquisition company, Sava Capital Partners.

The company has flourished since the sale. New ownership did not waiver from the founding Partners original Company strategy and goals. Internal additions and changes were made. A sales team was added, new building built, and a new production system implemented. The goal, gain capacity, expand product offerings, improve efficiency so as not to raise prices and improve the quality of the products built.

Today we pride ourselves on the expert team that has been built. Highly technical, skilled and experienced software engineers, mechanical engineers, controls engineers and technicians all work in a very collaborative atmosphere. Solving customers problems and challenges is our number one goal.

Single Source Industrial Automation and Controls Company

Single Source

South Shore Controls can handle your toughest automation challenges and be your single source for design, installation, service, and repair of a variety of in-plant processing systems. No need to call independent service providers when the experts at South Shore Controls have a full array of experience and skill sets to compete the job with one purchase order.

Technician building industrial control cabinet.

Collaborative Project Development

We offer a variety of professional services for in-plant automation and processing equipment. We specialize in control systems and special equipment design, build, and installation projects complimented by a full-range of electrical, piping, and mechanical services. There’s no automation challenge too large or too small for South Shore Controls.

South Shore Controls has experience in-house staff.

Experienced Staff

South Shore Controls experienced staff of over 50 professionals works with customers to solve a variety of challenges. Each member of our engineering team is degreed and has on average five years of hands-on experience in a variety of industries. South Shore Controls is well-known for solving the most challenging automation application problems.

Your Single Source Automation Experts